“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Global Opportunities. Attention to detail, continual follow up, a work ethic second to none, these are the requirements necessary to not only enter new markets, but also to succeed in them. Global takes the time to understand the details, even the smallest details, of every project they take on and that’s invaluable to a company like ours as we seek to expand our presence in Africa. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and highly recommend them to other companies that seek to take advantage of a rapidly deepening U.S. – Africa economic partnership.”
Daryl Badeaux, Chief Operating Officer, Bio Soil Enhancers

“The opportunity to improve economic ties between the U.S. and Africa has been one of the great untapped corners of the world economy. Gary Hirsch saw that years ago. What is particularly admirable about Global Opportunities is that in each project they take on, they look for ways to ensure that both sides benefit, and that average, everyday people are going to be able to reap the rewards of those increased ties. I have to admit, at first a lot of people said… nice idea, but if it’s so easy, why isn’t someone else doing it? That’s the point, it’s not so easy, and having known Gary since the mid 90’s, I know that those are the types of challenges he takes on, and the one’s that he is most successful at bringing across the finish line.”

Joseph DeCotiis, Managing Partner, DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole, & Giblin
“Quality, affordable housing is one of the most pressing needs facing the nations of Africa, but for us, the question has always been, how best to enter that market. Gary’s understanding of Africa, his continual attention to detail, and his persistence and determination to more closely link the people of the United States and Africa by tapping the best talents and resources on both sides, is helping us and others pave the way, as we explore these very challenging, yet dynamic developing markets. If your company seriously wants to explore new opportunities in Africa, Global Opportunities is the way to go!”
Eddy Goss, CBS Structures

“Strengthening the economic and cultural bonds between the U.S. and Africa is critically important. The vision Gary has laid out for Global Opportunities is a simple one, by bringing the citizens of Africa and the United States closer together both economically and as a community, there are endless possibilities to be achieved when it comes to creating new jobs, new opportunities, and stronger bonds between our populations. Having known Gary Hirsch for over 30 years I can personally attest to the fact that there is no one more dedicated or better suited to helping achieve this very worthy goal.”

David Samuel, Managing Partner, C.M.E. Associates