About Us

Our Focus

By working with local officials, the business community, and the citizens of both the United States and Africa, we introduce American products and services to those projects where they will best be able to build capacity, improve quality, strengthen local economies, and advance the livelihoods of the local population. At the same time, we are committed to assisting African companies in their effort to enter the North American market, creating more jobs in Africa and increasing the choices for American consumers while diversifying U.S. supply chains. Agriculture, livestock production, construction services, consumer products, these are just some of the sectors where we are working to improve the links between the United States and Africa.

Map showing trade lines between the United States and Africa

Our Leadership

Gary Hirsch, Founder and President

Gary Hirsch is the founder and President of Global Opportunities Inc., dedicated to increasing trade and investment as well as expanding “people to people” relations between the United States and the nations of Africa. Mr. Hirsch established Global Opportunities based on his belief that in a globally competitive world, increasing interaction between the United States and Africa will not only result in strengthening relations between our respective populations while opening up new markets for American products, but also provide tremendous opportunities for the citizens of Africa to increase their access to the North American market, and to further advance the standards of living in Africa by helping to expand trade, investment, and employment in this increasingly vital region.

Mr. Hirsch has an extensive background in political and governmental affairs. With over 40 years of experience managing Municipal and County political campaigns, Mr. Hirsch is recognized as one of the leading municipal campaign consultants serving the Central New Jersey region. He has been responsible for and directed all facets of campaign operations including coordinating with other high – level campaigns such as those for State Legislature, Governor, Congress and U.S. President. Mr. Hirsch also served on the campaign of President Bill Clinton as a Regional Field Coordinator in the early primary states of New Hampshire and Maine.

In addition to his experience in campaign operations, Mr. Hirsch has worked for a number of local Mayors. Known for his “persistence in getting the job done” he successfully oversaw the completion of projects requiring more particular oversight and participated extensively in community outreach efforts. Despite no longer holding an official government position, Mr. Hirsch is still called upon for his governmental and political expertise by both elected and party officials in numerous municipalities.

Mr. Hirsch received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and History, as well as his Masters of Science Degree in Public Policy from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Global Opportunities. Attention to detail, continual follow up, a work ethic second to none, these are the requirements necessary to not only enter new markets, but also to succeed in them. Global takes the time to understand the details, even the smallest details, of every project they take on and that’s invaluable to a company like ours as we seek to expand our presence in Africa. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and highly recommend them to other companies that seek to take advantage of a rapidly deepening U.S. – Africa economic partnership.”
Daryl Badeaux, Chief Operating Officer, Bio Soil Enhancers
“Quality, affordable housing is one of the most pressing needs facing the nations of Africa, but for us, the question has always been, how best to enter that market. Gary’s understanding of Africa, his continual attention to detail, and his persistence and determination to more closely link the people of the United States and Africa by tapping the best talents and resources on both sides, is helping us and others pave the way, as we explore these very challenging, yet dynamic developing markets. If your company seriously wants to explore new opportunities in Africa, Global Opportunities is the way to go!”
Eddy Goss, CBS Structures

“Strengthening the economic and cultural bonds between the U.S. and Africa is critically important. The vision Gary has laid out for Global Opportunities is a simple one, by bringing the citizens of Africa and the United States closer together both economically and as a community, there are endless possibilities to be achieved when it comes to creating new jobs, new opportunities, and stronger bonds between our populations. Having known Gary Hirsch for over 30 years I can personally attest to the fact that there is no one more dedicated or better suited to helping achieve this very worthy goal.”

David Samuel, Managing Partner, C.M.E. Associates

“The opportunity to improve economic ties between the U.S. and Africa has been one of the great untapped corners of the world economy. Gary Hirsch saw that years ago. What is particularly admirable about Global Opportunities is that in each project they take on, they look for ways to ensure that both sides benefit, and that average, everyday people are going to be able to reap the rewards of those increased ties. I have to admit, at first a lot of people said… nice idea, but if it’s so easy, why isn’t someone else doing it? That’s the point, it’s not so easy, and having known Gary since the mid 90’s, I know that those are the types of challenges he takes on, and the one’s that he is most successful at bringing across the finish line.”

Joseph DeCotiis, Managing Partner, DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole, & Giblin